A rich compilation of essays addressing age-old challenges and contemporary ones in Christendom by Venerable Akinwande from 2009 to 2010 whilst he was the Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. Jude, Ebute Meta. Direct and illuminating, Akinwande dissects issues with the clinical precision of the scientist, his first calling, and the warmth and sensitivity of his latter pastoral calling. The Author comes across as a disciplined writer who takes his faith seriously.

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About The Author

Ven. Luyi Akinwande

Christian Responsibility/Spiritual Ignorance/Running the Race/Nigerian Elections—Like Church, Like State?/Vestry Meetings: Then and Now/Fasting: Beyond Denials of Food and Drinks/Excuses: Ancient and Modern/Stewardship of the Gospel/Stewardship in the Family/What went wrong?/As We Celebrate Palm Sunday/Is Easter just another Celebration?/What make you tick?/None of these Diseases/The true purpose of self denials/Final separation/The challenge of waiting/The problem with persuasive preaching/The Triune God/Preparedness/When a Christian dies/Parishes, Then and Now/When does taking become stealing? Is there room for new beginning?/Why unanswered prayers?/Stewardship of the Environment/Fighting the battles of life/Weapons Vain/The Last Judgement/The Christian Lifestyle/Stewardship of Position/The mature in the Lord/How should we give?/Stewardship in the House of God?/Care of Church Worker/Debt, Borrowing and Lending Money/As it was in the days of Noah/Judgement according to opportunities/Steadfastness/Channelling our Generosity/Having a truly happier year/Obedience to Christ/The Price of Secularism/Tithing and offerings revisited/True Fasting/Christian Worship and Fellowship/Baptism/Confirmation/Christian Marriage/ Christian Funeral Rites/The Kingship of Christ/The Resurrection Power/The Excuses We Give/False Prophets/Waiting on God/God Parenting: Use and Abuse/New Life in Jesus/What and How should Christians Celebrate/The Pentecostal Power/Triune God?/Growth in the Spirit/Divine Call/Curing ‘Spectatoritis in the Church-1/ Curing ‘Spectatoritis in the Church-2/ Curing ‘Spectatoritis in the Church-3/Rights and Privileges of the Poor/The Foolish and the Wise Man/Harvesting in the Spirit/Proportionate Rewards/Sugar in your Tea: Blessing or Danger?/Human Limitations/The Christian attitude to work/Kingdom minded Celebrations/Harvesting in the Spirit-2/Separation or Insulation?/Can a loving God punish?/The Christian and Politics/Speaking in tongues/Singing unto the Lord/Divine Condescension/The Second Coming/Index.


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