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Established in 1989, Diamond Publications has a long list of worthy titles. They include such media titles as Voices from Within, 2015 and 2005; Watching the Watchdogs: Media Review at 20, Master of His Age: The Story of Anthony Enahoro,  Nigerian Columnists and their Art edited by Lanre Idowu; First Call: An Account of the Gowon Years by Moses Ihonde, 2004; ‘Rite it Right: Analysis of Writing Errors in the Nigerian Mass Media, by Adidi Uyo, 2006; Standing Tall: Selected Speeches of Olusegun Obasanjo, 2007; Bittersweet: My Life with Obasanjo, by Oluremi Obasanjo, 2008; Law, Tourism and Hospitality, 2017 edited by Goodie Ibru, John Akintayo, Nwudego Chinwuba and Lanre Idowu; The Law of Defamation: Challenges in the face of rapid changes in ICT, 2013 edited by Goodie Ibru, John Akintayo and Lanre Idowu, and the Hospitality series, Beyond the Front desk: Training for Hospitality Industry, 2006; Catering and Restaurant Operations, 2008; and Manpower Development, 2008 by Doyin Akin-Bankole, and TELL: Courage in Print, 2011.

In addition, DPL published Media Review, the industry journal of the Media 1991-2014.She has also produced for the Presidency, Villascope, the official magazine of the Presidency, 2001-2007; Chevron (publication of the in house magazine, Chevron News, 1992-95), and The Press (publication of The Nigerian Press Council).