This is a compilation of the Columns written in the weekly bulletin of the Cathedral of St. Jude where the Author has been Dean since 2007. It is geared toward strengthening the Word beyond what is shared in church on Sundays. The result is a rich collection of 89 messages that “is easy to read, practical, contemporary, biblical, and insistent on the sound Christian disciplines of prayer, study, worship and giving”.


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Ven. Luyi Akinwande

Foreword/Introduction/Christian Giving/The Whys And Hows Of Giving/Electing Leaders In The Church/All Things Are Lawful, But…/Why Buy What Doesn’t Satisfy?/Can We Not Find Joy In Little Things?/Are You Suffering From “Spectatoritis”?/The Lessons Of His Passion/Christ Is Risen And So What?/Rising Early/Hospitality: Optional Or Mandatory?/The Empty Tomb: Its Implications/Power From Above/Living For Eternity/Why “Unanswered Prayer”?/Pentecost Sunday 2007/You And Your Clergy/Abiding in Christ/The Promises of God/Faith Count/Brotherly Love/Giving thanks to God/Rewards/Church Elders/The Call to live Sacrificially/Confess Your Sins/Why Harvest Celebrations?/Belshazzar’s Impious Feast/The Future Of The Godly And The Ungodly/What Is The Purpose Of Religion?/Excuses! Excuses!! Excuses!!!/Blessings Of Obedience/Parental Prayers/Easing Parenting Pains/Making The Right Choices/The Approved Long Leg/Music In Worship/The Succession Issue In Christianity/Separation Of Insulation, Not Isolation/Searching The Scriptures/Growth In Spirituality/Having A Truly Happy New Year/The Stewardship Of Money And Possessions/Idolatry Then And Now/Does God Lead Today?/Mission: The Neglected Work Of The Church/Having The Deserved Leaders/Sacrificial Christian Living/Faith – The Barest Minimum Need/Happy Mothering Sunday/Following In The Steps Of Jesus/Jacob: Another Person Like Many Of Us/God’s Unlimited Power/The Road To Gafcon 1/The Church: A Mirror Of Society?/Church Attendance/You Too Can Shine/The Believers Walk With God/Powerless Christianity/Learning To Quit The Stage/Lessons From The Life Of Samuel/The Stewardship Of Life/Giving Regularly to God/Fathers: True And Strong/: His Call, Training And Transformation/Parents In Waiting/Healing Virtue/Spiritual Armour/Daniel And Company’s Challenge To Us All/Proportionate Reward/The Challenge Of Privileges/Church Discipline/Deborah: The Patriotic Woman/Can We Not Be Fair To All?/Harvesting Through Obedience/Heaven Starts Here/David: The Greatest Of Israel Kings/Harvest Of Obedience/What Does God Require?/Choosing Wisely/You, Noah And The Floods /The Excuses We Give/Is Seniority For Ever?/Hypocrisy In Religion/Stephen–The First Martyr/Christ’s Second Coming/Christ – The Reason For Christmas/Meeting The Challenges Of Our Position/The Mission Of Christ/Index.


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