THE LAW OF DEFAMATION: Challenges in the Face of Rapid ICT Developments

The book resulted from a seminar held in November 2012 for legal practitioners and mass media professionals to examine the challenges posed by rapid developments in Information Communication Technology for information dissemination and the Law of Defamation as we know it. The book examines the Law of Defamation in Nigeria today, the limits of the Evidence Act in proving Defamation communicated by means of social networks, yardsticks for awarding damages in an ICT-driven world, and how the mass media can avoid Defamation pitfalls. It rings with optimism that enough material has been generated to push for greater protection for the reputation of the individual by our Defamation Law. It is a book that legal practitioners and media professionals will find handily useful.



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159 Pages

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About The Author

John Akintayo and Lanre Idowu

: Understanding the Law of Defamation/Evidence in the Air: Limits of the Evidence Act in Proving Online Defamation/Punishing Defamation: Yardsticks for Awarding Damages in an ICT-Driven World/Navigating Defamation: How the Mass Media Can Avoid Pitfalls/Towards a Reform of the Nigerian Law of Defamation: Looking forward and Looking Inward/References/Index.


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