This work is a compilation of outstanding reports, interviews, editorials and individual opinion articles published in the first two decades of Tell magazine. From the troubled marshland of the Niger Delta, to the parched terrain of the Northern savannah, from the dusty tracks of rural life, to the shanty streets of urban reality, TELL: COURAGE IN PRINT captures the defining stories of the rhythm of Nigerian life.

It is a compelling narrative of crude politics and infantile politicians; of frustrated patriots and misguided citizens. It is a story of failed hopes and promises; a diet of grilling questions and penetrating answers. It is a book that you will always want to read for the insightful nuggets it provides on the tragic paths to Nigeria’s underdevelopment and why, in spite of it all, paradise is not lost.

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Lanre Idowu and Ademola Oyinlola

:  Struggle for the Presidency/Southern Minorities’ Demand/The Coup Against June /The Broadcast That Never Was/Death of a Tyrant — Challenges Ahead/The Right Way Is June/‘They Want Me to Die’/Tears, Blood over Abiola’s Death/Abacha’s Murder Incorporated/The Wages of Sleaze/Looters and the Gang/Niger’s Graveyard of the Living/ A Win, Rig or Die Affair/Walking a Tightrope/Losers, But Champions/At Last, Catharsis/What Yar’Adua Taught Nigerians/Much Ado About Mr. Vice President/‘We Will Defend Our Oil With Our Blood’/‘I’ll Wage War Again’/‘IBB’s  Regime is a Fraud’/‘June 12, I’ve no regrets’/‘No Peace Until June 12 Is Resolved’/ ‘All Evil Men Will Soon Perish’/‘I fear for Nigeria’s Future’/‘June 12 War Is Not Over’/Babangida’s Big Burden/‘We Run A Corruptocracy’/A Nation in Dire Straits/Why Abacha Must Go/ The Challenges for Obasanjo /Nigeria’s Last Chance/The One-Party Leviathan/Why Obasanjo Must Go In 2007/Standing Up Against/A Time for Courage/Ribadu’s Dismissal: A Blow Against Hope/It Is the Turn of the People/The Police: Foe or Foe/Rascals in Paradise/The Lotus Eaters/ The Beautiful Empress/Vanishing Breed/The Privileged Nigerians/The Prodigal Sons/The Prisoner of Aso/Squandering of a Mandate/The Trouble with the North/ Obasanjo’s Crown of Thorns/Last card for the Military/Shagari’s Sorry Vision/ Of War and 2003/In the Shadows of the Assassin/The Bush Path to our Past/Memo to Abuja/The Politics the North Should Play in 2007/ Murder So Cheap/A Plethora of Stolen Mandates/Index


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