STANDING TALL 2: Selected Speeches of Olusegun Obasanjo

Standing Tall 2 captures the essence of the person of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Consisting of 77 speeches delivered between 2003 and 2007, the collection is a definitive encapsulation of the processes, abiding principles, leadership instincts and underlying geo-strategic visions which have defined Obasanjo’s consequential eight year-stewardship at the helm of affairs in Nigeria.

The book is spread over 319 pages and broken into 4 areas: Domestic Affairs, Political Affairs, Economic Affairs and Foreign policy.

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Olusegun Obasanjo

: Domestic Affairs:/This Administration is poised to deal with corruption’/’Developing a clean and Healthy environment’/’The conference was called for the good of our country’/Corruption has brought us so much pain’/‘Nigeria has become a preferred investor destination’/‘We should hasten to cover lost grounds’/‘We need to decolonize our minds’/‘You should remain men of honour’/‘An initiative rite into the realm of higher responsibilities’/‘We need to continue to be innovative in our method’/You have the responsibility of being in the Vanguard of natural rebirth’/‘We cannot afford to take the census for granted’/‘We remain committed to our assured better future for our children’/‘A new foundation has been laid for healthcare delivery in Nigeria’/‘Our Armed forces have performed creditably well’/‘When the will is there, a lot can be achieved’/‘We have done very well so far’/‘The patient must be “King” here/ ‘It is goal to create a world class civil service’/‘We must take full advantage to competitive opportunities’/‘Development is about effective harnessing’/‘Abuja symbolizes our shared heritage and common destiny’/‘NTA promises a new era in broadcasting’/‘An obligation we owe our collective posterity’/‘We need to face up to the challenge of moderating our population growth rate’/‘We not allow the seminal significance of that war to be lost on us’/‘A reaffirmation of our collective belief in the pre-eminent place of the judiciary’/‘A healthy nation is a wealthy nation’/‘The NLC owes the nation and all workers the obligation of reinventing  itself’/‘A re-invigorating vestige’/‘There is no age limit or status limit to education’/‘The military has remained a key pillar in the democratic consolidation process’/‘Effective partnering is at the heart of the master plan’/ ‘The situation in Ekiti State is still smouldering’/Political Affairs/‘The PDP has transformed Nigeria’/‘We must democratize the institutions of politics’/‘Beneficial engagement between Africa and the Arab world’/We must seek leaders that are broad-minded’/‘Only free, fair and transparent elections can ensure survival’/‘We to build a critical mass believer’/‘INEC cannot afford to fail the nation’/‘A defining moment in our democratic consolidation process’/Economic Affairs/‘Come up with new idea’/‘What we have achieved is worth celebrating’/‘A lot more still needs to be explicit in their development targets’/‘Challenges can be transformed into opportunities’/‘Emphasis on local content was to build indigenous capabilities’/‘We have a new vision’/‘The 2007 budget is about the ordinary citizen’/‘The first major step in our quest for a modern railway system’/‘The double lane standard gauge rail line’/‘The productive partnership of the private sector is critical’/‘A monumental leap’/A critical step in the transformation of the Nigerian gas sector/Unprecedented high levels of gas generation/Foreign Policy/‘The purpose of a union government for Africa’/‘The role of space science and technology in African Development’/‘Commonwealth has been living up to the hopes of its founder’/‘Our maritime environment must be made secure’/‘The new Africa is building new bonds’/‘We have set a lesson for Africa and the world’/ ‘Building a people-centred Information Society’/‘Time to move from declaration to positive action’/‘Calling for the reform of the Security Council’/‘Africa welcomes strategic partnership with China’/‘Food Security is the pillar of human capacity development’/‘OPEC dream of sovereignty over our national resources’/‘The burden of stabilizing the international oil market’/‘Economic cooperation and social integration’/‘Africa must educate its young/‘Challenges of climate change’/‘The renaissance of our dear continent’/‘The unprecedented growth of Nigeria’s agricultural sector’/‘Our commitment to shaping our destines together’/‘The ideals of NEPAD’//Index.


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