MEDIA ON MY MIND: Ethics, Governance and Other Matters (2009-2017

“The central message of MOMM is media ethics. The author has not only examined the failure of the Nigerian media in this regard, but clinically discussed the underlying problems and challenges. He has in most cases adopted a case study approach, anchoring his views and arguments on real life events. This evidence-based approach forms the strength of this book. This is a book that should find a pride of place in journalism classes as well as in newsrooms across the country.” –Prof. Lai Oso, Professor of Communication, Lagos State University, and President, Association of Communication Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria (ACSPN)


“Media On My Mind is an incredibly thoughtful reflection on one of the most important institutions of our democracy. The articles are illustrative cases of media ethics in a broad philosophical and historical reading of the Nigerian media.  MOMM is tribute to Lanre Idowu’s intellectual diversity and towering leadership in an industry where practice is terribly anemic of theory, and where the academic traditions of journalism suffer terribly short of practical awareness. The resolution of these two lacuna is what MOMM offers and is reason why it is bound to be one of the most influential texts in our journalism.”—Dapo Olorunyomi, Publisher, Premium Times


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