BEYOND THE FRONT DESK: Restaurant & Catering Operations

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“This book offers a road-map for addressing procedures and challenges facing operators and employees in the food and catering sector. It looks at the various types of establishments where food and drinks are featured and the different types of service available to them. A hands-on book, the author draws from the repertoire of her professional training and wide experience and it should satisfy the aspirations of both the employers and employees in the hospitality industry”—Ade Adefeso, FNHCI, FIH.



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Doyin Akin-Bankole

Introduction/Restaurants and catering operations sectors:/Hotels and restaurants Fast food, quick foods and take-away outlets/Specialty restaurants/Clubs/Residential establishments/Transport catering outlets/Industrial catering/Welfare catering (prisons, schools etc.)/Hospital catering/Chain catering organizations/Types of services:/Waiter and waitress service/Silver service/Cafeteria service/Snack bars and take-away/Buffet service/Automatic vending/Basic Restaurant Operation procedures/Restaurant and dining room set up/Mise en place and mise en scene/Laying table covers for table service and assisted service/Place setting – a la carte cover, table d‘hote cover/Sideboard arrangements/Napkin folds/Chair arrangements/Receiving and welcoming guests/Seating guests/Clearing the tables/Clearing a table during service/Greeting guests on departure/Other aspects of catering operations:/Snacks shops and mobile snack vendor/Freelance caterers/Contract catering/Menu Planning /The principle of menu planning /Kinds of menus/Table d‘hote menu/A la carte menu/Plat du jour/Speciality menu/Function menu/Hospital menu/School menu/Menu Structure/The major factors for planning menus/Menu control/Menu Sample/Methods of Cooking/Different ways of cooking food:/Boiling/Paper bag/Braising/Pot roasting /Baking/Stewing/Grilling/Steaming/Poaching/Shallow frying/Deep frying/Microwave/Importance of Garnishes/Contamination of food/Bacteria and germs/Salmonella infection/Staphylococcal toxin/Clostridium welchii/How do bacteria reach foodstuffs?/Bad hand habits/Other undesirable actions/Action in cases of food poisoning/Prevention of food contamination/Personal hygiene/Care of the body and personal grooming/Hygiene standards for food employees/Food hygiene/Spread of infection/Measures for control and prevention/Food commonly causing food poisoning/Hygienic storage of food:/Perishables/Non- perishables/General rules for food poisoning prevention Hygienic washing up procedures   /Procedure for manual and automated washing up/Hygienic storage of crockery and utensils\Recommended bi-annual food handler’s medical tests/Environmental hygiene/The layout of food premises:/Kitchen/Walls and ceilings/Lighting/Atmosphere and ventilation/Cloakroom/Sanitary facilities/Sanitation of guests’ toilets/Equipment and other items/Cookers/Refrigerators, freezer units/Sink units/Worktables/Knives and other potable items/Hygienic waste disposal/Refuse bins/Vermin and pests control/Running Restaurants and Food outlets successfully/Positive actions to ensure success/Kitchen organization and effective supervision/Restaurant Guest Check Control/Strategies which enable Increase in Profit and Business continuity/Well qualified staff/Efficiency in operational procedures/Standard purchasing specification/Formulation of standard recipes/Reducing wastages/Appendixes/Hospitality Service Standards/Language and Terminology/Culinary terms/Stocks and their value in the kitchen/Index.

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