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2013 Media Review

The Politics of Chinua Achebe's Passage

March/April 2013

In his lifetime Chinua Achebe had the honour of being one of the f o u n d i n g f a t h e r s o f contemporary Nigerian literature; indeed the progenitor of the modern African novel. His first novel, Things fall apart, published in 1958, received warm applause as it signalled a new way of looking at Africa. Set in Eastern Nigeria it celebrated the clash of cultures of an African village community in transition under colonial rule and the tragic circumstances of the protagonist, Okonkwo, who faced with the reality of his disintegrating community, committed suicide rather than be ridiculed on the altar of the white man’s justice. Elegantly simple, it addressed themes of universal appeal: heroism and defeat, courage and cowardice, strength and…….Read More

NGF: Governors, Media Teach Bad Manners

May/June 2013

It was just supposed to be an election between 36 elderly, educated, cultured and highly-placed gentlemen. Who would have expected an election between them to generate any furore? After all, they are not ordinary citizens, but number one citizens of their respective states. And so, they were ordinarily expected to be above board in manner and conduct. But alas, that was not be, as the outcome of the May 24, 2013 leadership tussle amongst members of the Nigerian Governors Forum eventually revealed.

It happened that the Governors had gathered in Abuja to choose their leader for the next two years. The contest was between the incumbent chairman, Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State and Jonah Jang of Plateau State. It was expected that at the end of the day, the chosen leader would be announced to the Nigerian public However, it was not to be as easy as that. Countervailing political interests, intrigues and manoeuvres would not let that be. What the election produced was at best confusion…….Read More

A Deserved Rest (Alade Oduewu 1927 - 2013)

July – September 2013

Suddenly, the news hit us July 25; H a d j . A l a d e O d u n e w u , journalism’s gift to Nigeria, is no more As a small measure of his worth, the media have been abuzz with stories of his passage. Tributes have been pouring in from all strata of the society—the media, politicians, academics, titled and untitled Nigerians, sincere patriots; and indeed court jesters for whom our lamented icon gave a wide berth in his lifetime. At his burial, July 26, the media was well represented by a good mix of the ancient and modern practitioners.

His passage affords us the opportunity to examine what it was that endeared him to us. On a personal note, I have lost a mentor, who readily shared the gift of a rich and analytical mind. By his passage, my annual Sallah visits to some select Muslim faithful has declined by one. Gone is the familiar peering as he tried to understand your viewpoint, the shiny pate, the hearty laughter, and the quaint expressions. In Odunewu, Nigeria has lost a decent soul. In a land where Lilliputians masquerade as giants, Odunewu was a giant who had the……Read More

Honours, Censure at the 22nd DAME

October – December 2013

stand here very privileged as the chief servant of Diamond Awards for Media Excellence to welcome you. I can see a good number of faces here that I see regularly at the annual reunion of DAME. I want to thank you all for keeping the faith and for being here. Those of you here for the first time, it is my prayer that this won’t be your and we will continue to make it one last. I want us to reflect if we may on what it means to be 22. I can remember when I was 22. I was already through with university education. Today if you enter any of our public universities or polytechnics at say 18, you will be lucky to get out when you are 24. … Read More